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    Quantum internet theory paper

    A new paper by Wehner, Elkouss and Hanson is describing the future stages of quantum networks before getting a fully functioning Quantum Internet. This paper gives, in some sense, the theoretical foundations of the quantum internet alliance. It justifies the organisation of the whole project, and explains the advantages of the various technologies that it aims to integrate. These technologies […]

    Geekfast at VeriQloud

    Today was the first of a hopefully long new series of meetings at VeriQloud. It is fundamental for us to keep in touch with new, avant-garde research related to quantum information processing, cryptography, distributed computing, or other geeky topics. Luckily, Paris has a good, lively research community working on these topics. Therefore, we invite its members to share a breakfast […]

    VeriQloud joins the Quantum Internet Alliance

    We are very excited to join this great project, led by QuTech! The vision developed inside the project matches VeriQloud’s objective very accurately. Thanks to this project, quantum networks will start their (r)evolution from point-to-point, single qubit networks to fully quantum networks, which can be in an arbitrary entangled state. In terms of applications, our colleagues from Delft have written a nice […]

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